Phytoceramides: What To Look For

Select a supplement containing at least 350mg phytoceramides
Ensure that it says ‘plant-derived phytoceramides’ on the package
If you have a wheat intolerance or allergy, choose phytoceramides derived from rice or sweet potatoes
Look out for the trusty “Produced in an FDA-approved laboratory” seal
Supplement with a Vitamin C tablet or serum if you can, for even more anti-aging effects
Choose organic or pure versions with no fillers or artificial ingredients.

Most often it goes without saying that anyone pregnant, nursing or trying to conceive should avoid any supplements not recommended by your physician. Additionally, if you have a gluten or wheat intolerance, coeliac disease or allergies, you should look for the rice or sweet-potato versions of phytoceramides and avoid the wheat-based versions.

In addition to phytoceramides, what else can I do to restore younger looking skin?
As well as taking a Vitamin C supplement or using a Vitamin C serum, there are some other everyday changes we can make to improve our skin tone and fight off the signs of aging:
-Minimize as much as possible your consumption of dehydrating drinks like caffeine or alcohol.
-Drink a lot of water.
-Quit smoking.
-Exfoliate as often as you can.
-Use lots of moisturizer on your skin.
-Always use UV protection – in your foundation, moisturizer or anything you use. Do this daily.