Animal Testing On Beauty Products


by Adorn Cosmetics

It’s a cruel reality that in 2017 millions of animals are still being burned, poisoned and killed by cosmetic brands still unnecessarily conducting animal testing on beauty products.

And millions of women worldwide may unknowingly be using cosmetics produced by these companies.

The real question is why these brands are even testing on animals, as it’s simply not necessary. Nor do women have to sacrifice quality, style or luxury when choosing cruelty free cosmetics.

What kind of chemicals do these cosmetics contain that they have to test them on animals before humans can use them?

More alarmingly, in a report by Animal Australia’s list of cosmetic companies who are still using animal testing, there are brands renowned for being “natural”, but sell within countries that require animal testing of products.


Animals should never needlessly suffer for our beauty!

Ask yourself these questions so you can be 100% certain the products you’re using aren’t disguising they are still torturing animals with testing.

Are your Cosmetics Sold From Within China?

Whilst some brands may appear natural or even have a policy on their website they are against animal testing, selling within China (versus direct from Australia) requires that their products be tested on animals.

Also check that the beauty brand isn’t actually owned by another company that does sell from within China, and therefore means that their products could have have been tested on animals too.

Are your Cosmetics Certified Vegan or Choose Cruelty Free?

If not, you need to question why they haven’t become certified if they aren’t testing on animals? This is especially important to consider when a beauty brand may have an “animal testing policy” and disguising they sell from within China.

If you’re a vegan, you will need to look for products that are Vegan certified. Vegan certified products contain NO animal ingredients or animal by-products.

With Cruelty Free certified products, both the end product and its individual ingredients have NOT been tested on animals.

Vegan certified is the only way you can guarantee your products are truly cruelty free.

Are Your Cosmetics REALLY Certified?

Beware of companies that use their own branded lookalike cruelty free logos as they may not be real, and most likely have not undergone the thorough accreditation process to ensure their claims are justified and proven.

The Cruelty-Free Kitty website (a must for devotees of cruelty free beauty and living) explains how to search to see if a company is properly certified and shows how to spot a fake cruelty free logo.

Cruelty-Free Kitty also has a comprehensive list that is regularly updated with companies that test on animals here.

Note some companies have certification logos from Leaping Bunny and PETA, but Choose Cruelty Free (logo on the far right) is the strictest certification requiring its brands to undergo regular re-accreditation to ensure they continue to meet CCF accreditation criteria.

Are Your Cosmetics Palm Oil Free?

Many of the 300,000 different animals in the jungles of Borneo and Sumatra are injured, killed and displaced during deforestation for Palm Oil. As a result, the orangutan is facing extinction in the wild within the next 5-10 years, and Sumatran Tigers in less than 3 years.

Are Your Cosmetics Free of Lanolin?

Vegans choose to avoid Lanolin as shearers can sometimes use a ‘mulesing’ technique on sheep, which is a horribly cruel practice of slashing away wrinkled skin without anesthetic to prevent flystrike.

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